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Double Queue Fine furniture restoration and conservation is a great source for antique furniture restoration. We are experts on the techniques used to repair, restore and refinish antique, vintage, contemporary and modern furniture styles. Double Queue has stripped, finished, refinished, repaired and restored hundreds of antiques, contemporary and modern pieces of furniture over the years. Christopher studies the construction of every piece and analyzes what remains of the original finish to establish the best way to restore repair and finish it. Many times the same techniques and materials are used as when the piece was originally constructed. At other times a different course of action is required, however the integrity of the furniture is maintained despite using a more modern approach to restore or refinish the item. From thorough cleaning to structural repair — and almost everything in between — antique restoration work can take on many different forms. When it comes to damage, antiques can see it all. Antique repairs include fixing scratches, gouges, water stains, broken legs, loose hinges, sticky drawers and more. The patina, or surface sheen, of an antique often makes a big difference when it comes to value. An antique finish restoration protects the patina developed over time while enhancing it, and includes a careful cleaning to remove stuck-on grime and grease. During antique refinishing, the original surface finish is removed and replaced with a specialty varnish. This can be done to the whole piece or to smaller, damaged areas. Depending on the type of restoration your antique or heirloom piece needs, we’ll likely remove the piece off-site to complete the work. However, light touch-up work can often be done in your home. First, we’ll inspect the piece for any structural issues and pay special attention to the condition of the finish. Then, we’ll carefully clean it and touch up any spots where color and finish are needed while preserving the patina of the piece.

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